Step 1 – Research, Initial Contact, Confidential Franchise Evaluation Form

  • Conduct initial website research and complete the confidential online evaluation form or call us at 585-271-2044.
  • Speak with The Distillery franchise sales.
  • Franchise packet including confidential franchise evaluation form mailed to you.
  • After reviewing the packet, promptly complete and return the confidential franchise evaluation form.

Step 2 – Disclosure, Follow up, Due Diligence

  • The Distillery Franchising Corp will review your confidential evaluation form to determine eligibility. Qualified candidates must have a minimum net worth of $1,500,000.00 per store of which a substantial portion is in liquid assets. (Qualified candidates may include a partnership or corporation)
  • Qualified candidates will be mailed our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Review FDD and prepare questions and comments.
  • Follow up conversation to discuss the opportunity in greater depth.
  • Schedule Exploration Day at The Distillery Restaurant Franchising Corp. (DRFC) in Rochester, New York.

Step 3 – Exploration, Validation, Business Summary, Continued Due Diligence

  • Attend Exploration Day in Rochester, New York.
  • Meet with President/CEO, as well as other members of The Distillery Restaurant Franchising Corp executive staff – this time will be used to thoroughly review the FDD, Area Development and
    Franchise Agreement
  • Determine mutual interest in moving forward.
  • Complete and return Business Plan Summary.
  • Schedule interviews with current Franchisees.

Step 4 – Verification, Financing, Site Work, Plan Development

  • Background check and credit history reports are obtained by DRFC. Candidates provide proof of liquidity.
  • Contact your lending institution and establish financial terms.
  • Study your territory and engage a retail tenant representative to begin searching for a site.

Step 5 – Formalize Agreement

If mutual interest is established, we will plan to move forward on a Development Agreement discussion,
which includes:

  • A defined development territory.
  • Establishment of financial terms.
  • Timeline of the first restaurant and future restaurants in the Development Agreement
  • Finalize legal documents
    - Execute initial Franchise Agreement ($30,000.00 franchise fee; if development agreement, pay
      franchise fee as well as the development fee)
  • Our Real Estate Department will visit your market to finalize your territory and review available sites.

Step 6 – Site Selection/Approval, Lease Negotiation, Store Design, Construction

As an official The Distillery Restaurant franchisee, you now have to find a viable location to open your first restaurant. The DRFC will assist you in your efforts to find and develop an acceptable location within your exclusive Development Territory.

  • Submit your site application for approval.
  • Negotiate your lease.
  • Once capitalization of the restaurant is formalized, DRFC will assist you developing construction plans using an approved architect, which adhere to our unique brand identity.
  • Select the General Contractor and build your restaurant.

Step 7 – Strategic Planning, Training

Prior to opening your first The Distillery Restaurant, a strategic planning session will take place at our corporate offices in Rochester, New York to cover the following topics:

  • Create a groundbreaking development schedule.Training and opening activities for your first The Distillery Restaurant.
  • Thorough review of The Distillery Restaurant Operations Manual.

Step 8 – Complete Construction & OPEN!

After successfully completing The Distillery Restaurant Training Program, you are now ready to open and operate your The Distillery Restaurant. Our Training Team will offer onsite support for a minimum of 10 days during the opening of your The Distillery and then our franchise field support team will visit you regularly to support your business.

  • Open your 1st The Distillery Restaurant.

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