Looking for some fundraising ideas for your school or for your non-profit organization? Let The Distillery be a part of your organization's fundraising effort and we will help you raise money for your worthwhile cause.

The Distillery proudly supports the communities in which we operate! Sign up for our Dining for Dollars FUNdraising Program and The Distillery will donate 20% of the participants' total food bill (excluding tax and gratuity) to your organization. It's a great way to raise additional monies for schools, sports programs, charities and religious groups.

Schedule your next FUNdraiser with The Distillery and we will take the work out of fundraising and put the FUN back in. For details about our Dining for Dollars FUNdraising Program, complete the information request form and a Distillery representative will respond promptly.

Group members, their supporters, neighbors, family and friends, can dine at the designated Distillery on the scheduled day of their event, present the fundraiser card provided and we'll do the rest.

So you want to get started?? Here are a few Distillery FUNdraiser Pointers.......

  • Fill out the information request form or contact our FUNdraising Department.
  • Select a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for your event. (Only one day may be selected based on availability).
  • FUNDraisong FlyerWe email your organization a flyer (PDF format, 2 per page on 8.5 by 11 sheet) three weeks before your event. It is the responsibility of the organization to email and/or print the flyers to distribute to their supporters. We recommend at least 500 flyers for a successful FUNdraiser.
  • Your team contacts your supporters, friends, neighbors and family to attend the fundraiser.
  • Remember the more involvement you have by getting the word out, the more lucrative your FUNdraising dollars will be!
  • Dine at The Distillery that is holding your event on the date of your fundraiser.
  • Turn in the flyer to your server on the scheduled day for lunch, dinner or carryout and your server will attach the flyer to the guest check. Your organization will receive a donation equal to 20% off the allowable portion of the guest check.

Helpful Documents:

At The Distillery "It's All Good Here" for you and your next FUNdraising opportunity!

If you have additional questions about our Dining For Dollars FUNdraising Program, please email us at fundraising@thedistillery.com

The secret to having a successful Dining For Dollars FUNdraiser event rests with you. You must advertise the event to your members, alumni groups and make sure they show up. Ensure a large turnout by asking your members to encourage family and friends to attend the FUNdraiser, too!

"Please note that due to the volume of donation requests, we apologize that we are unable to fulfill all requests."

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