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If you’re just looking for a job and not specifically to work with us, you probably won’t be successful. We suggest going to one of our places and eating, looking through our website and social media pages. Get to know us and make sure this is where you want to be.*

"Although I love The Distillery this last visit to the Victor location was truly disappointing. We waited 30 minutes on a Saturday night then were seated, drinks came quickly but that was all that was good. The Blackened Chicken Alfredo had a hair in it and the wings were undercooked. The French Onion Soup was cold and the silverware could have been cleaner. I had an overall bad experience and as I travel A LOT I did not have time to come back. I feel I should be compensated at least for some of the bill (which was $ 76.00) I always dine at the Mt. Hope location with no problems. I would call personally but I have the worst schedule and fly every other day so email is my best avenue. I hope to enjoy what I have come to love once again in the future."

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Some of our values include creating a place where each of us can be ourselves and embracing diversity - Treating our guests and employees with respect and dignity; caring, providing support, clear expectations, high standards and inspiration in a safe and fun work environment. Continually developing an honest relationship built on mutual enthusiasm, professionalism and respect. All of our guests and employees are treated equally and respectfully regardless of color, race, gender, sexual identity, religion or background.

I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that misrepresentation of facts called for in the application is cause for immediate dismissal. As an employee of the Distillery, I agree to conform to the rules and policies of the company as set forth in the policy book, as explained in notices and memos posted from time to time and as otherwise communicated by the management. I pledge to always strive to be professional and demonstrate concern for co-workers and guests at all times. Further, I acknowledge that my employment and compensation can be terminated, with or without cause and without notice, at any time, at either the option of the company or me. I state my understanding that violation of any of the company's policies, rules and procedures will be considered grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.
I also authorize investigation of my credit record and police record. I understand that all information on this application will be kept confidential. If hired, I will not work at another restaurant while employed at The Distillery, without prior approval from management.
I authorize the release of employment records and information obtainable from any and all former employers.
Illegal drug use by an employee is a violation of company policy. I consent to random drug testing, at the request of The Distillery. All management candidates are subject a drug screen prior to a job offer.
CONFIDENTIALITY: As a Distillery employee or former employee, I agree not to discuss, photocopy, duplicate, email or reveal customer or any information in any form to anyone outside The Distillery. Information obtained as a result of my employment with The Distillery and contact with customers can only be used in the course of my employment at The Distillery. This information is considered proprietary. Any unauthorized use, collection, copying, removal or transfer in any manner of this information may be grounds for immediate dismissal from employment and other legal action.
I understand that my application will remain active for 30 days from the date received.

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