Concerned about having to wait for a table on a busy day or night? Call Ahead to Reduce Your Wait... Have your name placed on a wait list and reduce waiting time.

Here's how to have your name on our waitlist when you arrive:

Call one of our locations before you leave the house or office, we will place your name to the wait list. When your entire party arrives at our restaurant we will issue you a pager and let you know what your reduced wait time will be. Call Ahead Seating is not a Reservation but it's a great way to shorten your wait in the Restaurant!

  1. Ask to be placed on the Call Ahead Wait List.
  2. Check in at the host stand when you arrive.
  3. You'll be seated as soon as your name hits the top of the list.

Did You Know?

The Distillery can cater your party or get together for up to 40 people in a comfortable and fun atmosphere, providing the very best food and drink. Click here for more information and/or to make a reservation for a group.

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